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Schubert: Serenade via 78 RPMs & Cylinder Recordings collection by Bob Varney.

A visitation is just a step beyond a lucid dream.
This page is still under development, but while you’re here, check out a few of the performances. If you clicked on Serenade ("Ständchen" in German) at the top of the page, you heard the very old-fashioned Rachmaninoff (b. 1873 – d. 1943) performing a piece composed by Schubert (b. 1797 – d. 1828) for one voice with piano accompaniment, called an art song. What was the song’s intent? The singer exhorts his lover to make him happy.

The way things are is bittersweet. Liberal democracy has its downside. It’s great that people care, but only if it’s for the right reasons. Nothing less than the pursuit and realization of excellence in public service and in the populace should be sponsored in today’s challenging world.

There’s a fascinating write-up on Xi Jinping (one of the world’s most powerful people), the Chinese politburo, and their shared vision for the people of China in a recent issue of TIME magazine. His Excellency Xi Jinping has been re-elected.

I’m going somewhere with this. I’ll give my readership a hint. It has to do with the tradition of zen, the seed of which began in India and was made fertile in Chinese history. It belongs in the topic of Mysticism, but I intend to include it there as well and still tie it out to the topic of visitations from the spirit world, an amazing feat I hope to accomplish in my spare time.

This page is to be continued. Now you have a reason to stop back again.

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Page published September 18, 2014 (Updated 18 January 2018)


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